Found Diving – One Gallon Harrisons Ink

Bottle :   ONE GALLON ! Harrisons Columbian Ink

Year dug: 2013

Type of dive site: Fresh Water river

Notes:   I had been on a long stretch of bad luck scuba diving. When you go diving, and come back empty, people don’t realize how much of a drag that is. I’m not talking about diving in the Carribean, I’m talking about slithering around a muddy rivers and ponds, through lilly pads and algae and snapping turtles and mud and sometimes pollution.

So when I pulled this bottle out of a river, it was a God send. I had been in the river for about an hour, and had found a basket full of interesting bottles, no pontils, mostly common bottles. I was at the bottom of the river, and had stirred up the mud, and was basically crawling on my stomach, feeling out with my hands, like trying to find your car keys in a dark room. I bumped into something with my shoulder, and it rolled away. I reached out and found it, and it felt at first like a cut log that had been chiseled on the sides for some reason. Then I felt that it had an opening at the top, and thought it was some kind of metal gas canister. I pressed the inflater in my vest, and floated to the top. As I was floating up, I realized there was lettering on it. I still wasn’t thinking “bottle”. But when I got to the top, I floated the bottle up out of the water a little, I read the word “HARRISONS”, and the rest felt like a crazy dream. It was a pontiled aqua GALLON, Harrisons Columbian Ink!



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