Quincy takes to the water!

If I’m lucky enough, my son Quincy come with me digging,  and has just started doing some river snorkeling with me over the past year or two.  He is braver than I was at his age.  You couldn’t have got me to snorkel in a murky river for all the money in the world when I was his age.

i283163839567796761._szw1280h1280_Here’s a quick video of a river muck excursion we did a couple of months ago. I had found a riverside trash dump in the city.  We floated a basket and walked up the river.  It was a hot day, so the water felt good after digging in the dusty bank.  We took home a dozen or so bottles, with the best find of the day being a little Holloways  ointment pot, which among other things cured “sore breasts”,  which I had to explain to Quincy, in not too much detail.


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