Pontiled Green Keene ink found in river


chuck ink.jpg

This ink came out of a river in Maine last Friday.  I wish I could say I found it, but it was diving buddy who found it.ink.jpg

What a super pontil !  A tiny tiny sharp ring pontil.   There was a proprietor in Kittery Maine with the last name “Gerrish”.  I have seen this ink, in either green or aqua, I forget, but it had a label with that proprietor on it, so I’m guessing this may have come from his store.


These two inks , and shards were dug by me in a dump in NH in 1994.  The green ink here is the same bottle as the new one just recovered, but the new one has an even tinier pontil than mine which I thought was small.  The aqua one is a similar mold, with a pontil.  The shards include an amber pontil cone, another unembossed green pontil, and the real killer, a green Harrison’s Columbian Ink.

I hope to get out diving in the next couple of days, so I hope to have some new finds of my own to share.


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