Bottle :  Round quilted poison 5 5/8”  circa 1870s

Year recovered:  2015

Type of dive site:    small fresh water river in NHIMG_20150501_141705811_HDRIMG_20150502_134953707_HDR

Notes:  Got this nice old poison during a “dry spell” late last year. I had been diving probably 3 times in a row, and come back with nothing! If you aren’t a diver, let me just emphasize how much work goes in to finding a site to dive at, driving to it, hauling your gear down to the water, suiting up (especially in the hot weather), then untangling yourself from your gear when the dive is over. If you do all that work and come up empty, it leaves your feeling very ugly!

So with three empty dives in a row, I was finishing up my fourth, when I finally found a goodie.  It was laying at the bottom, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was cobalt even though it was covered with river muck.  Cleaned up real nice.


  1. Hey Bram!! This is Hoss, we met at Arundel Flea Market several years ago when I ran the Cafe there. Plus we communicated on the Forum every once and a while. Good to see you and your bottles. I live in Key West now.


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