About Me

My name is Bram Hepburn, I live in Eliot, Maine. I’ve been digging old trash sites in search of 1800’s bottles, pottery, and relics, since about 1972.  In the year 2005 I got my diving certification, and expanded my search into the water. It is so much fun, and I love sharing my passion for this fascinating hobby.

I’m always looking for new leads for places to dig, where an old farm dump, or back yard 1800’s privy pit may have interesting treasures waiting to be found. I love to talk bottles, and to get together at shows and meetings with other diggers.

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Prior Career– I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales College in Rhode Island.  I owned and operated Great Bay Gallery Banquet Facility in Somerworth NH, which began as Great Bay Catering in Dover,NH 1989. After he recession that started in 2008, I closed the business after 22 years. I miss the challenge and my customers and employees, but I don’t miss the stress!


I wound up getting the perfect job (for me), as a drawbridge operator on the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth. The schedule has me on duty for a long work week, and then off duty for a full week. This allows me work on a second career as a writer, and go diving and digging on my off weeks.


Public Speaking and other Activities

I have given talks to the Historical Societies of Essex, Mass, Eliot, Me, Berwick, Me , Somersworth, N.H., Dover, N.H, as well as other local groups. In these talks I bring samples of my digs, and describe how and why digging these sites is a fascinating and exciting activity, and answer questions asked by the group.