Blog, Published Work, and Public Talks

Please see my published FEATURE ARTICLES IN WORTHPOINT MAGAZINE ONLINE  –  bottles, antiques and collectibles.



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The pages of this site are intended to show how I spend my time here in Maine, and will of course feature freshly found antique  American bottles, insulators, pottery, and all types of relics and oddities. I am an auctioneer, bottle collector, and certified scuba diver. The menu at the top  right shows the different categories of what I’ve found. These posts follow my exploration of rivers, lakes, forests, and old homes to uncover antiques. I have pictures and videos documenting my finds, many of which were discovered alongside my son, Quincy. Some of my posts give tips, “how to’s”, and historical notes, of my discoveries as I find them.

I have given public talks at schools historical societies,  and am available to give talks about local history and artifacts, and the many various ways to hunt them down.   I enjoy sharing my experiences and finds with any age group, especially young folks and seniors, who find this vocation interesting for different reasons.

“Your talk was one of the most well received by our group as any I can remember.  Thank you! ”  George Poulin – Old Summersworth Historical Societies, Somerworth NH.

I am available for feature article writing and specialize topic blogging.

Long term, I am collaborating on a “reality” style cookbook, which recalls some wild but true stories from the “back of the house”, and divulges what really happens behind those swinging doors to the kitchen.

Over the past two years, I’ve written a movie screenplay which no one, and I mean no one has read yet. It is for a full length adventure/ scifi called Sky Lake, which takes place mostly, in the woods of Maine. When the time is right, I hope to dip my toe into that water.



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2 thoughts on “Blog, Published Work, and Public Talks”

  1. Every time I find something behind a baseboard, in a wall or under a house I am working on, I think about how that remnant of someone’s life ended up where I found it. I imagine one must get the same thoughts when finding bottles. These things are like short stories that we can imagine. I found a small envelope of “blueing” which was used once to make white clothing whiter behind a baseboard and I wondered if someone sweeping managed to get it beneath the baseboard with a broom. And, did the woman who bought the blueing spend time looking for it and did she murmur, “What could have happened to the blueing I bought last week?” I have no explanation for how a Victorian spoon jar found its way under the same house. Could it have been carried outside on a tray with cups and plates to offer a break to the men building the house? I will enjoy your blog.


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