Treasures I’ve Found!

Fall of 2017 I found this threadless insulator in a shallow scratch dump in the woods.  These three other colorful items came from a 1930s roadside dump, they are a poison bottle, a “slag glass” car door bud vase, and roadster gear shift knob (probably from the same car!).

The small Harrisons is a beauty, I dug it several years ago in NH.  The rare gallon Harrisons I got scuba diving in Massachusetts in a small river.  The thing was laying on the bottom, and rolled against my shoulder as I rummaged down in the mud!  I thought it was a cut log until I started seeing embossing.  My friend got this unreal Dr. Tebbet’s Hair Regenerator bottle at one of our dive sites we dive together.  So pretty!




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2 Comments on “Treasures I’ve Found!

  1. Every time I find something behind a baseboard, in a wall or under a house I am working on, I think about how that remnant of someone’s life ended up where I found it. I imagine one must get the same thoughts when finding bottles. These things are like short stories that we can imagine. I found a small envelope of “blueing” which was used once to make white clothing whiter behind a baseboard and I wondered if someone sweeping managed to get it beneath the baseboard with a broom. And, did the woman who bought the blueing spend time looking for it and did she murmur, “What could have happened to the blueing I bought last week?” I have no explanation for how a Victorian spoon jar found its way under the same house. Could it have been carried outside on a tray with cups and plates to offer a break to the men building the house? I will enjoy your blog.


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