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“The Field Guide to American Trash” will be available for purchase  on Dec 1, 2019 !

Diggers, divers, and history buffs will really enjoy reading this one of a kind book that has been years in the making!  A full 300 pages and 180 color photos covering everything from digging 1800’s outhouse pits, old farm dumps, snorkeling in streams, scuba diving in deep rivers, and even gathering “jewel grade” sea glass that are old bottle shards that have been tumbled naturally in the surf.     ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Other articles and writing This link will bring you to my 60+ published articles featured on Worthpoint online, where each week, a different type of antique or collectible is featured.

This link will bring you to my most recent article on antique bottle stoppers, and how they change the values of bottles.











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