About me, my past ventures, and current published writings

I owned and operated Great Bay Gallery Banquet Facility in Somerworth NH,  which began as Great Bay Catering in Dover,NH 1989. After he recession that started in 2008, I finally decided to throw in the spatula, in 2010.  It’s a rough business, and 22 years was long enough. Lots of great memories.  I still do catering and events consulting on the side, but mostly for old customers whom I did business with for years.

Since 2112,  I’ve been writing feature articles for Worthpoint online ( http://www.worthpoint.com/authors/bram-hepburn ),  on antiques, bottles and collectibles.

Long term, I am collaborating on a “reality style” cookbook, which recalls some wild but true stories from the “back of the house”,  and divulges what really happens behind those swinging doors to the kitchen.

Over the past two years, I’ve finished writing a movie screenplay,  a full length feature sci-fi adventure titled Sky Lake.  In November, I’m having it reviewed by the Harvard Square Screenwriters Group.  I’m sure they’ll let me know exactly what they think of it.

Below are past articles I’ve had published by Worthpoint Online, and others over the past few years.





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