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Downeast Digger Mini-Documentary on Digging and Diving for bottles (by Annie Hepburn)

My daughter Annie called me from school at U Maine Oromo, and said she needed to do a 5 minute documentary for her new media class, and could she do it on me bottle digging.  Of course I said yes because I want to… Continue Reading “Downeast Digger Mini-Documentary on Digging and Diving for bottles (by Annie Hepburn)”

Digging cone top beer cans in Maine.


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February 16


1880s Hair Bottle

1880s hair bottle found during a canoe trip in NH

Stealth river site good shards

Digging a Maine river bank bottle dump with my son Quincy in the fall of 2012. Was pretty exciting, we thought we were in to some great stuff, but it petered out, no great finds. But a great day none the less.

New Video- Uncovering a Mass. privy

  This is a video of the privy I wrote about in my last post.  The video shows the point where I finally located a privy, and started pulling up pontiled shards.