Downeast Digger Mini-Documentary on Digging and Diving for bottles (by Annie Hepburn)

My daughter Annie called me from school at U Maine Oromo, and said she needed to do a 5 minute documentary for her new media class, and could she do it on me bottle digging.  Of course I said yes because I want to help in any way, but all I could picture was spending an afternoon at some old dump site with her, and coming up empty, just  digging through shards. So I was stoked when I managed to scratch up a smooth base W.E. Bonney barrel ink! Here’s the video! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the job Annie did with this!

May 22 dive,Pontil Medicine

OPcurtis 5.jpg

The Ted’s Soda turns out to be a pretty good bottle!  I see the Ted’s Soda with Ted Williams picture on it all the time in antique shops, cause it is a repro collectible. But the original Ted’s soda like this one I guess is a good one.

The Curtis Cherry Syrup had no damage and cleaned up great !  It’s my nicest find in quite a while!  Here’s some more picsOPcurtis1.jpg