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February 16


1880s Hair Bottle

1880s hair bottle found during a canoe trip in NH

Stealth river site good shards

Digging a Maine river bank bottle dump with my son Quincy in the fall of 2012. Was pretty exciting, we thought we were in to some great stuff, but it petered out, no great finds. But a great day none the less.

Colonial Soapstone Inkwell with 4 quill holes DUG

I was excited to find this stone ink bottle behind a 1700s house dump!  It has four holes on the corners as quill rests, plus the center hole for the ink.  I love to picture what documents might have been signed with this one!img_20160927_154432663

A couple of whole ones, “in sit”, World’s Hair

These came out of a hard packed river bank.  The one on the left was an unembossed aqua pontil, the other is a Worlds Hair Restorer.  Wish I could say it was purple, but it was amber (whole). img_20160915_090513139

Couple of killer shards, Wash DC flask and Craig’s cure

Sure would have liked either of these to be whole. One was a very rare Craigs cure with embossed kidneys. The other would have been an amber strap sided flask from Washington DC.  Next time!

Camm’ s Spanish Lustral pontil Providence RI July 29, 2016

Pulled this up from a river bank on a hot July day,  to bad it had a whole in the back of it !!   Otherwise, as they say in the catalogs, it was MINT.  It’s a pretty rare bottle,  I was really bummed out when I dug it, because it was face up, and looked perfect, then I felt the 1″ hole in the back with my thumb.  It’s got a lot of embossing on the front, “CAMM’S SPANISH LUSTRAL HAIR PRESERVATIVE PROVIDENCE RI”  img_20160726_193844985-1