Sapphire Blue Harrisons Columbian Ink

These are some of the best bottles I dug over the years.

 ink blue

Bottle :   sapphire blue Harrison’s Columbian Ink pontiled


Year dug: 1994

Where dug: South Berwick, Me

Type of site: Small stream bank dump


Notes: This is the same jackpot dump that I dug the amber Stoddard cone in.

This one I dug bottom first, tightly backed in muddy roots. I didn’t know for sure what it was, almost thought it was a soda bottle with the sharp pontil and sapphire blue color. I wiggled it loose, and saw what it was, and then saw that the top lip was damaged, which really stunk. But I was able to have it repaired nicely, and it remains one of the rarest bottles I’ve ever dug. Was about 8” under the ground.






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