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One from the archives, dug Stoddard Flask

My daughter Annie is 21 years old, which makes it easy for me to remember how long ago I dug this flask.  I dug it 3 days after she was born.  It was the first time I left the house since we brought Annie…

3 oddballs from a 1920s dig

Found these three this week in a 1920s dump along a highway. A square poison, a slag glass auto ashtray, and a slag glass 1940s hotrod stick shift knob!

Rummaging through 1920s dump, found an 1860s insulator

Last week I went hiking in the woods looking for prospective dump sites, and came across a surface dump back in the woods.  There wasn’t a lot of hope for finding anything very old, as the bottles were mostly screw tops, dating to the…

Hamming it up for my daughters college assignment

My daughter Annie called me from school at U Maine Oromo, and said she needed to do a 5 minute documentary for her new media class, and could she do it on me bottle digging.  Of course I said yes because I want to…

Retrieving a family heirloom

One of the best things about digging or diving for bottles, is that there are times when you come back with an empty basket, but still have a great day. It was a great day to dive today, and I found a spot that…

Digging cone top beer cans in Maine.


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1880s Hair Bottle

1880s hair bottle found during a canoe trip in NH